Project Management

Our building & construction project management service is quickly becoming highly sought after with our clients in Manchester who simply wish for an experienced professional to take control and run the project on their behalf.

As well as our intricate design services, CK Architectural Manchester also operates a building and construction project management service as well. This is the most effective way to minimise involvement and maximise efficiency in your build to get the most of your money without any nasty surprises or concerns along the way.

We work with you to vet builders, prepare contracts, hold builders accountable for every step of the project, and perform regular site inspections to make sure that you are happy and the quality of work is ideal. This all comes in one tailored package, helping you to have a stress free and cost-effective build without any issues or surprising costs.

We provide comprehensive advice before any commitment

The main goals of project management are controlling and organising

It’s ideal for:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Maximising Budgeting
  • Minimising Wastage Without Disputes of Confusion
  • Highly Advanced Communication
  • Experienced Project Management
  • Complete Control and Advice Available


Our construction and building project management service mean that we are on hand to take care of every aspect of your build from helping you choose the builders on the job right through to keeping everyone on task, contractually bound and with perfect communication.

We will then review the building project management schedule with you and the contractors and revise the schedule as required. Furthermore, we will determine the objectives and measures upon which the project will be evaluated at its completion.

Project being built

Construction drawings

As well as the original architectural designs we provide initially, we then need to produce construction drawings to take the build to the next level. This is where we take note of things like fixtures, fittings, electricals and plumbing, as well as creating any necessary adjustments due to things unforeseen at the design stages. This is also what you will need to use to select your builders or to give to external agents you know and trust in select areas.

Schedule of works

In addition to the drawings, we are also able to use the building project management service to create a schedule of works alongside the construction drawings since we have the knowledge and experience of working in the industry to understand what each part of the build entails. This allows us to create a general timeline that the build will follow throughout and that you can use to plan your life around the build as well as have an idea of what is going to occur at all times.

From basic design to full project management,  you can tailor your service to you


Selecting the builders that you would like to work on your project can be a seriously daunting task. They are going to be involved in your life for months after all for the most part, and you need to make sure that you are choosing builders that are reliable, trustworthy and that you are comfortable around most of all. As project managers, we will help you with this as a part of the service by helping you to choose the right builders for the job. We will recommend people based on your requirements as well as putting forward options that we have worked with previously around Manchester when managing other projects if that is what you’d like, and we can work together to create the perfect team for the job without worry.

Contract administration

To ensure that all duties and obligations are legally recorded, we will form a building contract between the parties involved. This contract is to serve the purpose of legal protection should it be needed for any reason through areas of the contract not being met. This includes costed drawings, schedules, and the builder’s quotation as well.

It will also cover a detailed payment schedule to ensure there is no room for issue in this regard, the builder’s insurance, and an agreement of working conditions when on site such as working hours, facility usage and any other requisites the two parties may have. We will commence this part of the project by hosting a meeting with all involved parties to ensure all are on the same page and the work can be carried out effectively and efficiently.

Person administering contracts
Person looking at plans

Site inspections

While this work is being undertaken, the CK Architectural team will visit the site each week and report the progress back to the client in order to keep a continuous progress report. We will also ensure the build quality is up to standard and that the project is progressing in the way that it should be, or if any issues need to be addressed for any reason.

Every second week, we will also invite all parties involved to meet with us in order to discuss the findings of the site inspections and allow a clear and unchallenged line of communication to unfold in a civil and professional way, resolving anything that needs to be resolved with the utmost efficiency.

We produce a report on each visit which includes reviewing against the programme, build variations which may incur costs, and report on all statutory issues such as regulations and planning. This means there is a constant builder communication channel and no room for anything unclear.

The complete project management role means ensuring your property is handed back to you and is ready for use. To ensure the build is complete we coordinate the handover process checking all the statutory requirements have been fulfilled and signed-off, check receipt of all required test certificates, inspect the build to make sure it is as per the drawings and specifications and if not issue a snagging list which identifies the items be rectified.

Our fee for project management is based upon the time during the project but as guidance, it is approximately 5% of the build cost

Project management is a job that requires vast experience and skill in managing a huge range of resources and contractors and is an invaluable service on building projects that save our clients time, stress, and money.

What our customers say about us

Lars Cavi
13. November, 2020.
As a developer in Hull, I have been working with CK Architectural on many complex projects and they have always delivered a great professional service. Highly recommended. Lars
Peter Tyas
28. August, 2020.
Great service from the team at CK helping out with a every changing project design. Friendly and knowledgeable service, which I would recommend. Thanks.
Dave Turner
12. July, 2020.
Highly recommend CK Architectural. Chris and his team did a great job gaining planning permission for a new build and renovation of an existing property. We hit some dead ends with the planning officer but Chris found different ways of getting around the problems without going over budget.
Carl Newlands
10. July, 2020.
For someone far removed from the building / planning industries the thought of where to start when thinking of a big extension project to my house (two story to the side and wrap around of semi-detached 3 bed) was a little daunting at first. Luckily, after obtaining a competitive quote, I enlisted the services of CK Architectural and have been very impressed with not only the service received but the ease at which they have made the whole process. After listening to my thoughts and the reasons for needing the extension work doing, the architect came up with a great design that encompassed everything that was needed. Even when I changed my mind over a couple of aspects, Donna, Chris and the team were quick to administer any alterations. Every visit to the house for measurements / planning etc has happened without a hitch with all members of the team we've encountered being punctual and professional at all times. The best thing has been by far the ease at which CK have made of getting all council and local authority sign off for the project. All I have needed to do is pay the fees at the required time, no stress involved and all went through seamlessly. I'm now at the stage where I have the drawings to hand and have submitted them to builders to obtain quotes. Importantly, the feedback so far from the builders indicates the project to be within the budget specifications I explained to CK during the first consultation. Very happy customer 🙂 Carl.
Delwar Hossain
21. May, 2020.
Excellent Service and prompt!! I have taken CK's service twice. Chris and his team is very helpful and most importantly have enough patience to accommodate my frequently changing mind set. I would happily recommend any one to CK Architectural and wish them all the best.
Rockmetteller Woof
11. September, 2019.
Proffesional, helpful & a great price. Produced hard copies & electronic of everything we needed. What more could you ask for .
Carla Dulare
23. August, 2019.
Enjoyed working with CK on our loft conversion, kept us updated along the way and very happy with the outcome and the service. Would highly recommend
P Furley
23. August, 2019.
Great service and really helpful with any changes I wanted to make.

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