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Education & School Buildings

Education building drawings in Manchester
Education building drawings in Manchester
Education building drawings in Manchester

We believe education establishments and school buildings should be designed as buildings that inspire learning whilst nurturing every pupil and member of staff alike. We achieve this by creating truly inspirational buildings with the most efficient and futureproof designs possible. A successful design of a school building should be a close collaboration between funders, local authorities, school communities and the design team. Working with you and the rest of the team, we can familiarise ourselves with your requirements to ensure that your school achieves all of its goals and objectives.

Using our knowledge and experience of architecture, we can develop your school building or establishment to your needs to allow its smooth running whilst complying with the standards, regulations, and guidelines which exist within the industry. Safety, security, equal accessibility, and sustainability are all important aspects of the design which need to be considered during the early stages of the project.

We can offer different drawing output formats such as sketches, 3D visuals, walk-throughs and models which all will allow us to communicate the design ideas/solutions to you or to other 3rd parties i.e. investors who need to understand/sign-off the build. This is the best way to truly immerse yourself in the design of the school building and understand the potential it has.

The expertise we have in fully incorporating budget, structure, services, Health and Safety, and all other aspects of design from the early stages of the project enables us to deliver designs that are not only architecturally successful but also ensures the most economical and efficient design solutions.

We have a full architectural design package from building inception through to completion, covering all RIBA work stages.  This can begin with feasibility and concept design, to planning and building regulations approved drawings with specifications ready for tender/construction. If required, this can be complemented by contract administration services which includes site inspections and monitoring the build on site to ensure the contractor is building in compliance to the approved construction drawings, specifications and the building contract.

We are always improving our knowledge of building processes, tackling sustainability and energy conservation strategies to ensure your building complies with the latest regulations and required performances. We always aim to deliver projects which allow your building to have minimum environmental impact and cost.

For more information on how CK Architectural can help your school building design, both in Manchester and nationally, contact us today.

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